AleSmith x Sublime Mexican Lager Release Party

July 10, 2017
Sublime teamed up with AleSmith Brewing Company to brew a Mexican-style lager to commemorate the 40oz to Freedom's anniversary... and while the limited edition 40oz bottles may have sold out in record time over the weekend, you can still join them this Saturday for the beer's official release party! It's happening this Saturday, July 15th at AleSmith Brewing Co. from 5-8pm.This is the first day bottles will be available for pick-up, as well as, the official tapping of the Sublime Mexican Lager on draft for your enjoyment! 

(1/2) You might have heard that we're throwing a party on July 15th...and you're all invited! Online bottle sale (taking place July 8th at 11am) details are available on the sale page: link in bio. #40ozToRelease #40ozToAleSmith #SublimeMexicanLager #releaseparty

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In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Sublime's release of their iconic album "40oz. to Freedom", Sublime contacted AleSmith Brewing Co. to craft this unique brew. Sublime Mexican Lager is a thirst-quenching, 5.2% ABV twist on a traditional Vienna-style lager highlighted by a grainy, malt-forward sweetness and easy drinkability. It's clean, crisp and balanced with a smooth finish. Event Features: -Keg Tapping Ceremony-Poster Signing by Drummer Bud Gaugh & Opie Ortiz, Designer of the Sublime "Sun" Logo-DJ Product 1969c (From Robbin the Hood)-Also Appearing: Troy denDekker, Widow of Bradley Nowell-Live Graffiti Artists-Food Trucks: Tacos la Mezcla, Eat Your Heart Out, & Caliano by Spinelli-Sublime Mexican Lager Beer Branded Merchandise