Alexia's Favorite Tunes

April 9, 2019

Gondwana was one of the first Latin Reggae bands that I fell in love with. 


They are from Santiago, Chile and they have been a band for like ever it seems. I-Locks Labbé founded the band in 1987. 


The band lineup has changed quite a bit over time. When Quique Neira was fronting them was my favorite era of Gondwana. 


Quique Neira went on to peruse a solo career and today they have a very talented singer by the name of MC Jona. 


I have so many favorite songs it's so hard for me to pick one so this time I wanted to share my favorite live performance of their song "Verde, Amarillo y Rojo"  they did back in 2001 at Festival de Viña.


Enjoy! ​