Hollie Cook's First San Diego Performance Was Amazing

October 1, 2018

Photo of Hollie Cook at the Adams Ave. Street Fair taken By Alexia


I attended the Adams Avenue Street Fair as I do every year, but this year was extra special because I got to see Hollie Cook perform for her first performance ever in San Diego. She even mentioned during her performance that she lived here for a short moment.


The daughter of Paul Cook drummer for the Sex Pistols and Mother Jeni Cook backing singer for Culture Club. Not only that but she was surrounded by so many other talented musicians, Boy George is her Godfather and David Bowie even babysat her one afternoon so it was inevitable that she would be extremely talented. 


I have been listening to Hollie cook for many years now. I love her style, her vibes, and that voice is so angelic, just beautiful.


I got to meet her after her performance and she was as sweet as can be.


Hollie Cook we hope to see you in San Diego again soon!


@holliecookie you are amazing queen! ----

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@holliecookie was amazing! Thank you for showing #SanDiego love #Queen! #adamsavestreetfair #HollieCook ------❤️

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