Bob Interview: Andy Bassford

January 31, 2019

Andy Bassford is a guitarist known primarily for his work in the reggae idiom, although he has recorded and performed in a wide variety of other styles. Andy’s playing appears on eight Grammy Award nominated and two Grammy winning albums, as well as a platinum album with Rihanna and a #1 Billboard Folk Chart album with Natalie Merchant. In addition his credits include at least 200 more albums and 2500 songs over a career entering its fifth decade. In 2003, he was honored by the Jamaica Federation of Musicians for Outstanding Contributions to the Jamaican Music Industry, one of the only-non Jamaicans to receive this award.



Currently, Andy performs internationally with the great Jamaican pianist Monty Alexander’s Harlem-Kingston Express reggae-jazz fusion project, with whom he has also recorded two albums. He also performs locally with dance hall bass legend Derrick Barnett and the Statement Band. His first solo album “The Harder They Strum” was released on 4/20/18 and is available on this website. Andy also appears as guitarist and co-writer on the Grammy-nominated Sting & Shaggy album “44/876.” He lives in the Bronx.