Mexico Aims to Fully Legalize Marijuana By October

April 30, 2019


In the US state after state has been legalizing Marijuana from medical(33) use to full recreational(10). Two nations have now legalized federally and our neighbors to the south may be looking to be the next.

Over 40 countries worldwide now have legal access to medical cannabis, and two -- Canada and Uruguay -- allow recreational sale of the drug. Canada's landmark legalization in 2018 being marked the first time an industrialized country had fully legalized weed.

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According to online cannabis publication Marijuana Moment, Mexico may be next.

Should that prediction come to fruition and Mexico indeed move forward with legalization before October, as well as develop a plan to reduce or eliminate cartel interference, they could quickly become the most important(so far) nation to legalize the drug. Why? Population. Canada census sits at 37 million in 2018 with about one in six adults using marijuana during the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, Mexico has a population of approximately 130 million. If a similar percentage of adults pay for legal cannabis, Mexico could dwarf Canada in terms of long-term sales potential.

Taking market share from cartels is another plus though no one should be under the impression this is a fix all for the violence plagueing our brothers and sisters to the south.

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