Mid Term results: which measures won??

Byby Daylight Savings time??

November 7, 2018

Just like that the Mid-Terms have come and gone, and just like that there are some changes that will affect us here in San Diego, from gas taxes to "what to do with the Q, check out the list of measures that passed, failed or are too close to call


Prop. 4: Bond for Children's Hospital Construction

Prop. 7: Change Daylight Saving Time Period

Prop. 11: Emergency Ambulance Employees on-call

Prop. 12: Farm Animals Confinement Standards.

Chula Vista - Measure Q: Chula Vista Marijuana Taxes




Prop. 6: Repeal of Fuel Tax Approved by Voters

Prop. 8: Regulates Kidney Dialysis Treatment Charges

Prop. 10: Rental Control on Residential Property


Too soon to call

Measure G - SDSU West: a plan to expand SDSU, is up with 55 percent of the vote with 73 percent of precincts reporting Wednesday.

Measure E - SoccerCity, too early to call, but looks like a solid no from voters

Prop. 1: Bonds to Fund Veteran & Affordable Housing

Prop. 2: Amend Existing Housing Program for Mental Illness

Prop. 3: Bond for Water and Environmental Projects

Prop. 5: Senior Property Reduction.