Couples Are Having Open Marijuana Bars At Their Weddings Now

August 4, 2017
FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative If you thought open bars at weddings were cool, then you're gonna lose your sh*t over this.Couples are now having open marijuana bars at their weddingBecause 2017 isn't *all* bad Earlier this week, Bloomberg tweeted an article about pot bars becoming increasingly popular at weddings  And needless to say, people are super about it  Who knows, we could be seeing a lot more wedding pictures like this pretty soon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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 Forget best man/maid of honor toasts--we're all about best man/maid of honor tokes!And could you imagine Grandma and Aunt Cheryl getting a contact high at your wedding?!A weed-ing if you will...IT'S LIT.