Dirty Heads at Indie Jam 2018

September 8, 2018

The boys from Orange County, The Dirty Heads join Alt 949 and Bob Radio for Indie Jam(cough* Irie Jam) 2018! 


The quintet has been on the road, putting out albums and perfecting their sound for years.  Now they are ready to "Celebrate" and treat life like a "Vacation"!Putting out albums since 2008's "Any Port in a Storm", 2012's "Cabin by the Sea", 2013's "Home - Phantoms of Summer", 2014's self titled "Dirty Heads", and now 2017's "Swim Team".  Their reggae-rock sound will be a welcome addition to a fun afternoon in Oceanside.Watch Dana & Jayson's LIVE interview with Dirty Heads before their performance!