Kumar - Kulture Walk New Album and Videos

First Solo album after Raging Fyah

May 2, 2020
Kumar - Kulture Walk Album Cove

“How big is the world;  because our minds are bigger than you think you know… melodies that carry you to different places, visualizing new faces, embracing new stages, creating and elevating to the highest regions of our mind." KUMAR

The days of anticipation are over as the long awaited debut solo album of singer,  songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kumar has arrived. Since his departure from the Grammy nominated band Raging Fyah, fans around the world have been waiting patiently to hear new music from Kumar, one of Jamaica’s favorite vocalists. The wait is now over as the album is now available on all major digital platforms. The outpouring of articles and reviews by Reggaeville, World A Reggae, Island Stage, Kulcha Shok, and TVJ’S Entertainment Report provide ample evidence of the high anticipation and   acclaim for Kumar and Kulture Walk. 

Kumar - Kulture Walk

Kulture Walk is the culmination of two years of dedicated work, releasing inner voices and memories amplifying Kumar’s lyrical potency. Worldwide travels influenced by cultural traditions enhanced Kumar’s interpretations of life’s observations. Kulture Walk takes us through the insecurity of past mistakes, embracing an evolved grasp of reality. The album’s first single and video Remember Me includes the powerful chorus line “Before I be a slave I’ll be buried in my grave, oh Jah, do remember me” , taken from ”Oh Freedom” the post-Civil War African-American anthem.  

More videos coming. Check the viisuals for "Remeber Me"

The Kulture Walk album is a thirteen track presentation with a variety of musical styles including features with M1 “Dead Prez” (USA) and Agent Sasco   (Jamaica). Co-producers include Robert Livingston (Big Yaad/Jamaica), Clive Hunt (Jamaica) and Walter Bonnot (Italy). Notis and Budwise productions also contributed mixed by Gregory Morris (Jamaica). Executive Producers are Kulture Walk Music Group and Musicmovements. The album is distributed by Baco Records and is available on all major digital platforms.

Here is link to the album.




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