New Video from New Album - Blvk H3ro’s “Feet Don’t Fail”

Jamaican Artist on the rise

March 7, 2019

Blvk H3ro (pronounced Black Hero) is a new artist on the reggae scene and has is getting noticed with his soulful songs and energetic performances. The Portmore-born reggae rocker is ready to level up with the release of his debut album, Immortal Steppa.

“I’m just a youth that was yearning for knowledge and music became the medium that brought it to me,” says H3ro. “It gave me the ability to express the things I learned through it. I’m channeling energy, and I’m sending it out into the world as sounds and melodies.”

It took him three years to create the new album. It started high in the hills of St. Andrew, Jamaica, at Skyline Levels Recording Studio. It is tapestry of sounds from classic and modern reggae to jazz and hip hop. The are features on the album from other young artists. The album is now being distributed by DubShot Records out of New York City. 

Here is the new and fresh “Feet Don’t Fail” video directed by Robin Chin & BP Welsh.