RIP Frankie Paul


June 21, 2017

Jamaican Reggae artiste Frankie Paul(Paul Blake) died at the University Hospital of West Indies (UHWI) last night.Paul was born in 1965. He was 52 years old.

Born in Jamaica in 1965, Paul, whose real name was Paul Blake, was blind from birth and spent his early life at the Salvation Army School for the Blind. While there he met American RnB singer Stevie Wonder, who was in Kingston for a show at the National Stadium in the 1970s. Wonder urged him to become a professional singer. Like Wonder, Paul also played a number of instruments including the keyboard.

We loved Frankie Paul here in San Diego. One of his family Teacher Richie lived here. Teacher Richie was a roots reggae singer/chanter and always brought Frankie Paul around since the late late 80s/early 90s. He has been here at the house and we voiced some commercials for 91X. Later on when he came to San Diego they would always link up. I've lead him to his microphone more than a few times. A few years ago I was honored and fortunate enough to run riddim for Frankie Paul and Prince Alla in SD and TJ. I'll never forget his greatness. He was a prolific artist with nuff nuff albums. I recall one time in Portland, Jamaica at smaller outdoor stage show where a wire with a few regular light bulbs were the stage lighting that was really raggamuffin Frankie and some other artist were on the bill. The Jahpostles band were on the stand and out comes Frankie Paul. He sang a few big tunes Alisha, Tidal Wave and few more crowd was loving it. Then he breaks into Pass the Kushenpeng and the people went nuts. Young people pounding the stage with hands some old people pounding the stage with beers. They were all raising all kinds of ruckus. He had to rewind like three times at least. I think my first trip to Jamaica we saw Frankie Paul - It was Paul Blake and the Blood Fire Posse then. Rise in Power Frankie Paul! This Jamaican icon will be sorely missed.