Hurricane Harvey: What Can We Do?

August 31, 2017
The severe Category 5 hurricane with the winds at 130 miles per hour has devastated many, and has affected the lives of Texas residents. After moving offshore making landfall again in Copano Bay as a Category 3 (another hit).This tragedy has killed over five people, and more than a dozen have been severly hurt. People without homes, pets without a place to sleep, and many stuck in the wrath of this tropical storm as they continue to face the repercussions of the storm.   Our fourth-largest city Houston is in shambles, and countless residents were trapped in flooded homes since there was no evacuation. Strangers are helping one another in a time of disaster for those who live in Texas.    Dispatchers are feeling overwhelmed at this time, and some have used the power of social media to reach out and ask for help. Now is our time to donate to the cause, and do our part by helping. Listeners have been reaching out to our stations asking how they can help, and at this time we think using Red Cross to donate funds will be the best way to approach the situation.Our hearts and prayers go out to the families, friends, and those who are being affected by the hurricane. Click on the donate now button, or click here to help support the cause!  Houston Police are also looking for volunteers if you know someone in the area who is able to help.