Reggae with a Political Stance

September 25, 2017

Reggae music centers greatly around love, peace, unity, and respect for one another and the world. During times of political tension, poverty, war, injustice, and differentiating ideas towards the world; reggae became integrated in society. Bob Marley being a big depiction of this, and of course they're just good to jam out to. 

Here are a few reggae jams that may sound beautiful and soothing have bigger meanings and are political. 





Peter Tosh - Equal Rights 

"Everyone is crying out for peace, yes
None is crying out for justice"




"This claim of power paints the city Red. 

I isolate the staus quo" 


"The fussing and fighting tribal war racial war
Cause blood blood"



Bob Andy - Unchained

"Just take these chains away,
And set me free"