What's The Most Popular Genre In Your State?

Guess What Cali is!

December 18, 2017

Mixcloud did a study over the past year showing the most popular genre of music in each state based off all the data they collected from their users. 


Where do you live? The results may surprise you! 



This is the list of "most searched" for genres in the US below.

Alabama: Club
Alaska: Trance
Arizona: Rock
Arkansas: Tribal House
California: Reggae
Colorado: Chillout
Connecticut: Drum & Bass
Delaware: Dance
Florida: Deep House
Georgia: House
Hawaii: Tropical House
Idaho: Hip Hop
Illinois: Bass
Indiana: Jazzy House
Iowa: Deep House
Kansas: Ambient
Kentucky: Melodic Rock
Louisiana: Ambient
Maine: EDM
Maryland: House
Massachusetts: R&B
Michigan: Alternative
Minnesota: Hip Hop
Mississippi: Rock
Missouri: EDM
Montana: Deep House
Nebraska: Hip Hop
Nevada: Trap
New Hampshire: Hip Hop
New Jersey:  Hip Hop
New Mexico: Tribal House
New York: Hip Hop
North Carolina: R&B
North Dakota: Deep House
Ohio: Trap
Oklahoma: Ambient
Oregon: Indie
Pennsylvania: Bass
Rhode Island: House
South Carolina: Industrial
South Dakota: EDM
Tennessee: Bass
Texas: Hip Hop
Utah: Psychedelic
Vermont: Classic Rock
Virginia: Hip Hop
Washington: Electronica
West Virginia: Rock
Wisconsin: Chillout
Wyoming: Electro Swing
Washington DC: Bass