San Diego Ranked As One Of The Best Cities To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

January 4, 2018
FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative You officially don't have an excuse to not complete your New Year's resolutions... San Diego was just ranked as one of the best cities in America for keeping your New Year's resolutions in 2018, according to WalletHub.The study was based on 52 key metrics ranging from gyms per capita to income growth to employment outlook. Here's the BEST cities for keeping your 2018 resolutions:1. Seattle, WA2. San Francisco, CA3. San Diego, CA 4. Scottsdale, AZ5. Salt Lake City, UT6. San Jose, CA7. Orlando, FL 8. Irvine, CA9. Austin, TX10. Portland, ORAnnnnd the worst...173. Columbus, GA 174. Hialeah, FL 175. Mobile, AL 176.  Montgomery, AL 177. Augusta, GA 178. Detroit, MI 179. Jackson, MS 180. Newark, NJ 181. Shreveport, LA 182. Gulfport, MS