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Rasta Stevie Press

Rasta Stevie interview with DJ Carlos Culture

M.C. Rasta Stevie "The World Emcee" has been doing Reggae Radio and proponent of Rastafari for over 35 years spreading the musical message of love. Rasta Stevie Smith has done everything from Reggae Radio to 8750 Reggae Band the Award Winning Nationally Touring Reggae Band to MC extraordinaire to...
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Maka Roots

Maka Roots - "Things Will Get Better" New Single and Video

Veteran San Diego Rastafarian Roots Reggae Singer has a brand new single "Things Will Get Better". He has been working hard pusing out single by single. New album in the works.
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Kumar - "Remember Me"

Kumar - "Remember Me" New Single and Video

Kumar is a singer, songwriter and producer well known for his outstanding vocal ability. In his recordings he easily flows from deep roots reggae to soulful pop exemplified in the upcoming album. His new music reinforces his diversity as an artiste seeking to learn and to capture all that he can...
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Edley Shine Press

Edley Shine interview with DJ Carlos Culture

Edley Shine was one half of Born Jamericans (the big voice, ragga rapper). He has a new single coming April 17th and 6 song solo EP dropping in May called "Based On Talent". Edley is also featured on Kash'd Out's "Weed Man" track and track with Pepper. Check out the interview.
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Lance O Press

Lance-O Interview with DJ Carlos Culture

Lance-O - Kulcha Shok Muzik has storied history in Reggae music for over 35 years. He is an icon and ambassador in the reggae community at large and especially in South Florida where he grew up with memeber's Peter Tosh's circle. A Radio Personality, MC, Producer, Promoter you name it if it has to...
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E.N Young

E. N Young Interview with DJ Carlos Culture

E.N Young is a roots musician born and raised on the USA/Mexico border in San Diego, California. E.N started playing piano at age 6, which was the beginning of his musical life. His parents bought him a white upright Samick Piano that he still records and plays on today.
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Better Chemistry Sometimes

Better Chemistry - "Sometimes" featuring Elan Atias - Single

Southern California based Reggae band BETTER CHEMISTRY has released their highly anticipated new single, "SOMETIMES", released March 27 from their upcoming album coming later in 2020. The band enlisted the talents of ELAN ATIAS, the multi-talented LA based singer / songwriter and former lead singer...
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Jahdon - 369

Jahdon - 369 New Album and Videos

"JahDon’s refreshingly positive approach to creating message music makes persons want to not only listen to him but watch or, as he says in his catchphrase, ‘Look Ya Noww’ for the next step he is going to take in his career. At times, his voice references the broken yet euphonious tonation of Jah...
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Tribe of Kings

Tribe of Kings Sound interview with DJ Carlos Culture

Veteran Sound System Tribe of Kings Sound has been rocking San Diego since 1997. The have had a residency the entire time all over San Diego while winning sound clash trophies along the way. I gave them a call to talk about the history, highlights of their life as reggae selectors and travels...
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Soulmedic - Ancient Powers

Soulmedic - "Ancient Powers" New Single and Video

The forces of the heaven and earth's reflection in man and woman are focused in Soulmedic's upcoming single "Ancient Powers". Original deep roots reggae produced by DJ Unite of Kings Sound Music and Tribe of Kings Sound, released on the Jah Kebra Music Label.
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