Stepping High Festival

Ganja & Music Festival in Negril, Jamaica

Rough House Productions
Negril Beach
Negril, FL 10000
United States

Event Description:



Stepping High is the first and longest running ganja festival in Jamaica and the Caribbean, located in West End, Negril. For eleven years the event was underground and was primarily advertised word-of-mouth. Although, fraught with many restraints, the festival attracted scores of tourists from as far afield as Germany, Spain, Japan, and Ghana; neighbouring territories such as Trinidad and Tobago, and Bermuda among others attended the event, making it the largest ganja festival to date, in the region.  


Today, Stepping High has become an enviable brand showcasing the finest strains of ganja and a musical extravaganza which boasts a line-up of local and international acts. It fully embraces the Rastafarian culture which is an invaluable part of the Jamaican culture.


Stepping High creates a one of a kind, authentic, Jamaican experience and a vibe of  “oneness” or "inity", friendships and sharing of different cultures.  The event also includes exhibitions, where  farmers from the community can exchange knowledge on best farming techniques and by-products of ganja.