Monday, May 22nd

DJ Carlos Culture chats with the lovely Anuhea just before she hits the stage at Fiesta Del Sol, they talked Cali and Hawaii vibes and her new single "I Won't Settle"


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Lessig greetings and a half. How you do then. Well I'm doing great we're hanging out here at Bob radio we welcome to Bob radio how there be an island has everything on the tour. He's going guy that we're right they are up there aren't Paoli line here right out front. Elliott that. We'll accurate. That's fantastic tomorrow are gonna play here at the Solana Beach fiesta del sol. We are excited to have you here are the bats how the whole tour been so far. Below trend floor. We're at about don't we get our act that are better at Audi. We love out of our hands that we are like. Apple targeting is. The. You are deathly no stranger here to Southern California. San Diego area shoulders shoulders as your latest CD right. You're EP. Treatment. Act. And the a couple of weeks ago. I won't settle OK awesome awesome awesome and got some great selfless soldier easier. And down massive you had a ton of music going now Manning avatars Riley won only man in the world. Austin stuff so so these are most of these have been EPs when we can expect a full length album from on him. On September we just kind of talk. That they aren't as I walked out either a opt back out there. What Barak. Or that act and I've been back or they. All the prettier at that you're getting a little black. It is the rich I think. A lot. We are definitely very interested to hear which you've got to let you know used HI mean what time you hit the stage tomorrow. Will be. Yeah. While I beam pipe going on around 6 o'clock you buy it and had to play headlining spot on the Iraq before sunset everything it all and not 200. They get the belt all we all are out there that are popular bullet in and out of open air and that it back. Eaten all Egypt I love that you eat Eric Bell that it. It. This is definitely a great time for you guys out there that you not to when he when he can't go to the clubs can't quite to the venues. A great time out their fiesta del sol on his complete their postal Bunton is out there to really just playing today. So it's get it's a great little festival now this I won't settle just came out on iTunes on the 28 when what you got to go out there support Beckel had to buy them on your. Digital supplier and stuff. And then we're look out for the whole CDs can we called I would settle in out September that we are sent. I'm because I was battle will be out at. Okay hit Ostrom Austin's fantastic. What we love you very much here on Bob radio where she success he wanted to see guys out there supporting. And you know tell tell the people where they can now find your website and a year mentions on social media so they can give you mentioned and shout out. And yet dock I did that day and then adult like the letter. And that not that aren't yet. All right we heard it right here from the lovely songstress from Hawaii she's gonna be here in San Diego. Tomorrow or confessed to del sol check out her web site supporter online we love the on him he wanna see out there on the road all right. He thought might have got a little time. Back.