Arise Roots

Friday, May 19th

DJ Carlos Culture chats with Karim of Arise Roots  about their soon coming album and how San Diego Reggae made his family just before they take the stage at 710 Beach Club!!


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Blessed greetings and love Coram how you don't have gone. Great great welcome to Bob real house advise me in San Diego it's may have showed tonight are you guys ready what's going on. Animals ever and ever again that seventy to be true love and that a bedecked generally can be no play can be ever going to be nice part about midnight tonight. We have to press opening up the show for you guys. Are you actual Bret you know is is being viewed by the right here are not on the little river band that but I have two favorite people in army so. It whatever he did give. Everybody and out all the going to be good bye gonna be adult night out over the fort. It's going to be very dull and beat up he says OpenId. Policy those guys to press Dawson stuff all right. So yeah I got you got a brand new single crisis right. Yeah yeah yeah we got we do job try to do at a job so I. And so high with Marlon Nash right. There are more or are given those guys are doing big things mean he has a dead doing big things yet another big combination. Recently with cable to root out. Prayer rules went down and it was the and the with a big link up you know definitely. Look what about artists. In cable console sat on the table and his gold camp in all its it is this family right there. Yeah yeah Atlantic counter all crew David house. Nice nice that's nice that's nice this CM before CD right come not real so. You would we're gonna drops of the mud mud into the year you know we're we're not putting too much of a rush on and so it is that it's as Canada right now would definitely everything it would door now. As for each wore that out out well it wasn't an adult holding belt solely. We got doubled the lead so we can get what you would hear. I know man you guys are doing so so much great stuff either way you guys first played down here when the Bob Marley days on the peer. And I error and so much stuff man he beat you put all the fassel's Cali roots a bunch of other stuff. He get around your band is doing big things big up brute entertainment few managers amazing got good stuff going on. But it's good to see the growth and Dahlia you have a show tonight and then we have or shall we cue July 29 down Winston's. Brian in her hand on the boat ride Ventura he can be happy on the boat ride this can be amazing to see ND ARO we are. If you would get very receptive can't stay in Afghanistan not this year and not a left. And you just didn't show it close with the Extenders that was agreed show weakness against Mary. Sent overnight as well of the dog night you know what that didn't recall all over the can't tell you they're they're special Bobbitt and giggle. And understand it because you know go to bed at night like it's really a special about it then vehicle and at the media as the net effect my out. My dad and mom momma my dad at a regular as a Jamaica. Okay actually met at a show at one of his show in San Diego back in the late seventy Amin. Yes so for me is like is huge. It is there wasn't there would not bet that show in San Diego that night being. You know apparently never bet it would have been being in all the results are a bit material a very special connection whatever whatever it does that then vehicle. Definitely definitely definitely some yeah some some mystical genetic going on right there that it matters the vibrant but definitely definite. Interest did you hear more about tell your dad was an artist let's which artist was your death. Yeah he his name is name and Israel. And so eco it would it would it would quite a few bands Cornell. Of debate raging through into the states immigrated to the state to back in the seventies to do music not to pursue reggae music. And is absolutely important. To the stations in a country to California. In Seoul you know that there were there was he was one of the pioneers. Of helping to bring reggae music in the in the open to establish as senior bell what. And so law yet united way well before the Internet heiress who regard the final a lot of stuff from that time of them. But it most recent. Band called ruled creation based Ben of an open area. Areas at all but Margaret says that there are a lot of their original stuff there is extremely ought upon that met I can't verify this. You know it's bloody holiday to technologies so it a lot of of the law. I begat you know it it's it's legacy you know because of the music being. Because of the regular unit train here into the galloped one that brought my paired together so. And I just it's a real testament to San Diego being at a place there it and welcoming to Rick gave such a long time at all. Per share for San Diego is definitely hot spot for reggae music we call Europe's capital US aid. Oh for definitely for roots and I think. We have more shows per year than any other city in the country I'm I'm born on a limb right there but it's all want to tell me I'm ready I'm Becky quick my. Hey hello how are we do not be national you don't el Al bag you'll would that would met up their mobile but it kept mobile. And we got we got all nice together with Bob radio not 24/7. And our son FM 4949. So things are along great. And it's nice to have you here in San Diego so. You know what when they come down they can go say hi if you take couple couple pictures with you tonight over the 710. Of course we don't you know we we we love connect it would with the people out of me and I think. That that's known to one of my favorite things to do as an artist. That had been able to meet somebody people they connect so many people here. Different stories in this important meeting people I bet they're there they're not too far. The face to face interactions you know on the you know based bogus gold and it to grammar school the social media is right there. They're still not the book due to perpetrate the great. I know mandate to give their faces and talking until now all I got us to get tired you and I get that hasn't dimmed and kind of blown away by as a partisan fight and even deeper even deeper. Yeah a moment ever. And then let that that's that's word is good you know we we do it you know we've we did we make and explore our spurs. You know what we're all gonna be fair that music so indignant approach burst. And so what somebody double put out there and at the loaded big and it like we don't there's no guaranteed at the might like this saw that saw. Whatever so somebody on the but that they are predicted saw this big that ought to do that sophomore. This particular song did this to me whatever degrees you like in in on the but nobody else's that's what I hear that it is really it just it is really reassuring. And at times clean nice connection in out of it magazines and in connection it's something net that we created became out of all else shall left feeling the emotions. In all effect if somebody saw its own fiscal matters there's definitely a blessing. Well you used your band has a great sound I I picked your band be one of them expands it goes on a huge national tour at one of the bigger bigger ax. He guys are doing great things I love all your music. Support the guy shouldn't run it we love you guys over here Barbara do we support arise from talking about support out of rise much appreciated. Much much appreciated you know yet labored like experiment in this dog good amount this dog you're eager to rely a lot like about. The opportunities you know. We know the jet to be able to to connect but the night I got a little but I did dole dole don't show you since winning tonight for awhile and I yeah it's all. It's not a dog good man I have no no complaints over here what's. So cool rim has been a pleasure and honor talking to you in your viewing you talk about everything that's happened with your band. Some final words. Douglas say a big huge shutout every single port number and the operating you'll. A rise who commit to a city near you go. Respect Kareem and we'll see you on the road.