Better Chemistry

Tuesday, November 7th

Carlos chats with LA natives Better Chemistry about their new album, working with Tuff Gong and coming to San Diego

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Greetings Dave how are you doing Dave. Sheriff Carlo my brother how are you I'm doing great man will welcome to Bob real pleasure to have have you on our show up at the pleasure beyond show like you got here in studio. Oh OK Joseph. Custer and Gary and GT bait the right omelets on Gavin walked past some guys so we just released an album right we sure did our top foreign distribution. At their territory label. How or why apple really out of it so if people don't know about better chemistry tell us about this to better chemistry. They're chemistry that they're LA based down in 2002. And we've been. Plugging away. As much music ganged breach as we care and that of of course the Internet he has changed and of course we started where we started. Wiring and word of mouth but now we're hearing a whole new world then we're trying to break circuits it's pretty often. What you can do. It's sort bigotry is concerned you know rebuilding the band back together to us stronger foundation and. So even go to fifteen years there's been together fifty years Danica has she's been around for a long time he endured with lots of great artist. I'll I saw you working with title Bon-Ton problem Michigan tip I read what we look forward to somewhere bridge project with these kind of artist. I love love it and they're they're like they're like prose such that it's like they are being in the studio on your buddies it's often. Nice nice nice nice nice. So Fruto life tells another album Q about where did you record to also hold the process about the new record we wanna know. But the record that I got from Korea but yeah okay. So relied but I was recorded here studio. Well earned at that might studio and I was nick and mastered by union out there they're bright out by you guys imperial Sarah nice. In did. Phenomenal job nick yeah I think. Young indeed at the end. Big up the end are sure though yeah it took almost eight months to make the album how well those are it was a production. You know we slowly but here and then we're being doubted it and oddity that we we just loved used doing so. We can yet he does he does some great work does some great great stuff so it's it's nice to have a great labeling Tuff gong international working with you as the. The blasting cap executive exciting and it. That's also how the how that how the relationship go about it. I'd captivity. Rip rip it where rob Russell girl lockyer. You know he was telling me how he's working and now and I told that we're developing New Albany consent at all and I didn't. Apparently they really looked at so. Just like that just like that are part of the game got a Coca meet the Della she's a real sleep per cent in cap off and be part of that apparently. Is super super super sick man so. W skim a couple weeks ago right. Yet how hard in the off last week audit but are there. OK a little blow longer met last month that. About my the most is Sylvia yeah awesome awesome awesome awesome blossom well day we love the stuff and you're also involved with an elevated festival right. Elevated so that two we're gonna be dirt 2018 to meant absolutely. Very cool so. Tell the people about that fassel so they can get ready to come out to to visit your fest love their Mel Molly tells about it. But it's up to now all the other side camping or so usually a weekend saying. We've got Jamaican artists spam and artists from California and you know whoever's around that in Arctic will fit well on and apple. We try to get on there went a little bit of San Diego and a little bit and I EO LA. And bring in Jamaica and there in critical. It is it is a cool place to go and visit and hang out it's a nice place up there so. He has never got a chance to go up there what time weird you guys do that were taken to at this time the time you're going to dislike coming here. They're a little later actually a little warmer out we're talking about doing it sometime in. By July vote come on back that we talked about pushing it a couple of weeks so we get a little quirky. My on my on my daughter will actually affair that. Only know these. There right altitude at about 8000 feet now so frugal life so you can take this on the road barely hit hit hit the billboard charts at number eleven. And somehow using. Just a goal we tried to hit yours very spoke did that low number you know there's a lot of great to compete we're out there so I'll let people get you know. Yeah you are running in a very crowded market right now a lot of people put up a lot of really good music right now and you're part of that crowd and we're very excited to be. Pushing better chemistry right here on Bob radio so you know welcome to the bottom real family we're going to be pushing their record and all that's totally like enough fear career not that good stuff. And the whole better chemistry family. Thank Carlos we appreciate you ma'am we're coming to San Diego gently. Yeah I get are common are common to see you then giggle in January. Yes to the first Wednesday of the month these guys will be a full of as Wednesday's the first thing works out. Properly we we see you guys down here really really sure couple months away so that's exciting for you guys to be coming down here. And shown us what you've got her right because another band was great when we have differ went out with piracy we went into that elevated solstice festival. Better chemistry calls a short pop pop of Michigan it was a really nice time and fun it was really good to desired time drank those golf. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I DJ NN CEOs we run him back and forth and elk. And Papa. Yeah it was a great great great viva they're so well I haven't seen better chemistry in San Diego and quite some time so we're looking forward have you guys down here again really soon and wish all the best as the new record all right. It has been a minute we're very excited com let's let's play at a numb left there I'm excited couldn't see you brother. Right on rent on right on. So tell us about the way these guys can find you on you social media's. But we just have. Brand new web site update and it's www. Better chemistry dot com and you can actually go through that web site and get all the social networks you can get it's are a spot by. Easier by creating an excellent excellent excellent album purchase the song by the album. You know whatever order you can even look into it on aren't YouTube now. OK okay so our listeners where would you qualify better chemistry music would you say it's more traditional Jamaican reggae music or we say it's more. California based free music. Where is a blend of both. At their diplomatic diplomatic because you know I I don't know where it sparked by. I upload and I don't know that they're very nice one but it has talked about how you know applying on a lot of span then not saying they weren't great Babbitt they work. Might they were my aunt. Part of my importance really coming up you know might on this came from general trees then. Culture and burning spear and I you know might bite. My that's the kind of up. But by like that like bullets can do that receive up so I who also loved rock I also Grateful Dead though all of that the united it's a mix of it's a mix of everything really but. I don't know how to web site got a video I think it's just a good mix of our. About to qualify as good music that everyone should check out yet thanks very. With nothing reggae vibe inside and it's. Our Greg inviting them and I and number audit and Carlos excellent excellent excellent excellent. So yes look up to that record better chemistry food life bunch of records on there and guess what toss about the guests on the record. We got. They're recap proper mesh again nice helpful have the army although on the on the album as well. Very cool very very cool very cool so how we tracks on the record. There is that contract on the record and I forgot to mention a really. Important note on that record we have chided back it's bigger you are Bartlett and that. Apartment is on the oh on the whole problem Garrity. To meet the part of working with you for many years that I really great so are sure. Very cool very cool very cool all right so they have a better chemistry from LA. Brand new album through life you guys glad they're tick after website better chemistry dot com and find out what's going on with the better chemistry and we're gonna see these guys down here at club Kingston. January 3 Clooney eighteen are you guys look up for the all right. But yeah we're looking forward to coming senior meant. Absolutely. We stag won until the whole bank guys break up we love the record we love devise can and we're gonna gem like I said and we'll see you guys down here real soon. They began Carla what about Matt left. Pay this big article it better chemistry and you're looking into Ortiz single easy morning featuring pop Michigan from our new album. Through life on 94 point nine. HDQ which caught. One.