Bread McDonald of The Wailing Souls

Thursday, February 1st

DJ Carlos Cuture chats with the Bread McDonald of the legendary Wailing Souls about their first album in 7 years, begining their career in the 60's and what's next for the iconic band.

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Lesson love blessed love greetings and blessed level I don't. In Great Britain car while it yes mine I don't Brad. Put McCourt. Sweet sweet. Well Bob radio audience this is the legendary wailing souls this is Brad one of the lead singers in the band. How you doing Brad talked to us what's going on. Am Gordon brand good under here. What can beat you. Correct that we have criminal shortly. I don't want to upload your finger. He's though no one I cubed I Edgar. You know that might not mean it right now is do exact. I had on my comment on what more can come more to publicly yet. Promoting the new brand new record this record at first when new record in ten years twelve years Pelosi did. They're probable candidate it would be ignored until Gator I'm competition and stopped in between but this is going to be a lot for Porter caught in the you can get the united back aboard prince is liable to be called you know. Yeah I was just looking through your archives and I see a 126. Record on your disk dogs. Yeah. Hey guys know what it might seem good to go out and about. In a book called British on you. You guys are coming from a long way 48 years in the reggae yeah mine is the airline to airline. Iran UN I've been holding it down since the sixties. From before shirt Cochran on. It sixty's we have audio on an out temporary you know it. Create teams. Her real surreal for real man. You know your music is legendary you guys are legendary you've toured the world many many times I've been told why would you. He just came back from Africa he tells about the vibe that you had an Africa. Well it was an amazing glad rhetoric Cutler is not. Is today is not a lie we waited my whole. Evaluate buckle. We were supplies from the Mormon leader on demand graduate and expect him. So much people it to be over here at the airport. September 9 that was more than one it bureaucrat you know I hate our medical 200 people though it. Injure a budget stick it civil of people appreciate it and what surely must have been to. And rooting iron go to more energy yeah I mean yeah kind of in I lose me really double nationality you geared to a I'm. Yes that's an interview on some national TV and teeing main drag drag here yeah. Yeah amazing how many together that added that if if they start initialize and so you know. It was amazing you know I mean it didn't gain direct you don't strong. Sort note. We profiled by almost three and out towards her blunt thought he had gotten here. That's I'm I'm I'm good friends with the guitar her job oil and he told me DL well Carlos we played over three hours at the stadium it sure. Is that they will let us come off the stage they they really big is still there they would let us leave. You're. That is so mad at so awesome. Well airlines the airlines they're not and you've you've done hundreds and not really an up and all of Eastern Europe and all those type of thing so the focus right now is the new album rust the girl right yet that America here. Yes or no barrier island girl Highlander Highlander and somebody tracks on the tune on the on the on album art. Eric in our broken OK. So you impact is just murder the whole thing down right. Yeah MM by the end Elan repetitive tunnel trade cannot. Per share for sure for sure for sure. Now thumb. When you win that you guys are having a Bob Marley festival really soon right. You know what detonated king went opt. I did and I that was Saturday night yet again surrounded our. Okay. In Long Beach here right how's that Helen yeah IR word to a good recommended he added that the people we can win and we could. English or go to. Now that's a. We love we love that good heart for all tall reggae music with a positive message with the foundation. Rooted in pan African pride. Hailing his majesty so that's just we just we just love the vibe. And the members agent you've been doing a strong for forty years we hope you do for another fifty years spread. Yeah oh so homeland hopes so it out this is that job that gives you great job you know high end giant. I think maybe you more than an idea jumped. Not senior day and enjoy our group meet definitely getting into the spirit of the music and you are wonderful. Guys have to Arafat enough. You've done some pretty Good Friday it would be a make it a step careers that we enjoy doing it. Well you know and then. Definitely definitely I know what you mean I feel blessed to be working in the rigging community in the in in the rate in this hour here's Ron Erica I would recovery center court ordered yes yes. So massive you know I just went to rebel salute. You're there on January. And I was locked into the crowd trying to find did you substantive you know keep my energy levels nice. I look over and I seem precedent there whether his life lesson we all. There are. Since West Coast is that you are placed in Jamaica. It was a lovely venue matter what you think about the show. I guided. Every night that would be able nighttime that enjoyable night. It was it was a really well produced. The event here in the weather was nice they would bring it threaten Israelis threatening but the rain never come. It was and I know our particular it was beautiful is beautiful is beautiful. What we wanted to wish you tons of success with your new album island girl. We wanna see you down here in San Diego I'm or work on get you down here to the music but we were talking up a bit here a little bit intimate got a B. We need to Reebok right here in on view in the man's future you to go to San Diego. That's I would love to India. You know we all Roy Levy belly up all those places we've seen enough you have you know I don't know enough about Marley fest every thing Yemen yes mine. So again we wish you lots of success with the new album island girl when his official release date. Where exactly going to be in its own card right now we're working on you know get in the Papa. Kovalev put Bob you know so. China and gear combed the gendarmes you know albeit it will be a bit odd look so I would kind of work and I know I'm. My third album on that he whatever he's got more. Britney it staying almost finished so are right toward yeah yeah yeah well luckily are glad he's here embalmed radio how some pre release music and we're gonna play you the title track here on the show so. Everyone hold tight some brand new wailing souls. Come and match on the station okay. So when a big you up big a pipe the whole band we love you so much we hope to see you standing you real soon my brother. Each year and the community of new coach coyotes even though the actual. Tablet or somebody gave the eulogy. You know we just have music yes. Knowing all weird. Feel these are people like you'll wreck rather sad. You know I mean respect every tendency and I don't know where you have a all right to big up everybody and we'll see you soon liven direct whaling vessels right here on the boom respect card we'll see you again all right. Why we are imminent peace to make him think you have for everything right.