Danny Dread

Wednesday, April 4th


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Greetings. Greetings Danny dread and welcome to Bob radio hi Dylan. I. Don't some Dumont and it's great to get a little interview with you guys he got to come to town in the year. Tonight he got them played in the Eagles tonight over when and all the buys Wednesday. Yes yeah it struck the building. You know. Boulevard Atlantic. Can be a great great time we we spoke with include yesterday here and we gave me in yesterday with his arm up the album. No other girl. And it was a real not a real nice read my bio and but besides. That group project just have your own project and you get a single with global mutt. Yeah at her remarks at the base there from the market that Jack company in you're on all the votes this he'll want. Now these two many artists. 83. Colleen McCullough one of the things but our. And Mike looked at them. While. He went up there I'm not a query to comply up there but here. And are that studio. Let them read a stormy Atlantic wanna promote by the non had a few come to our direction they're in the in a bottler not cut out. You know that kind of erase it it is rhythm and okay calm despite I don't know install. Let. Some possible we're excited about that. Wow now Lou that Lou is that it will Miller. Many great our Michael Rose. About the one coming out but. All the bums showcases karma can be repaired. Talent show cute or England and boy accused. Income I think sort of great summer then. You may release a compilation of well. A little Bible actually. Where cared where K where you will. Is from from. Well you do a lot of work all over the place at secret project ever solo career he just let what other solve anything else Goldman. You know that it looked it was. Governing to the Arctic the border. In. Surely a case of the group will. It in the work Oprah or bill Chandler threw them in. We're going to be working duplicate that axial. Local artists are remote problem. In come together. Well Charlie retreat. Great. Liberal war period they can yeah that's what not to do that with a multi. And up with the people on the up that we like. Yeah and then the other oral out. That's what cup that's what's up well thank you for common buyer topic was here on Bob radio. And we look forward to the show tonight over went through that cocaine and and they got there at that if the people want to follow you. How could they find you on social media in these things. Whether you're the partner. Program. On the editor to a narrow. The walk and but yeah. Even on the date local. Wonder what the word. On. He spelled out up litter article we got a card WA AF they're. Or when it ago. Locked up on your boot the red and round chrome tree. You know military target particular block or so I'm. The English and they lingo ranked you know the little luck to you brought. A lot Obama. In in one or two others. Even even more. On an even more locked. Bryant on right on the look. Okay to watch that are on and Graham and Twitter. Yet all right the end it there. And read more narrow okay. Beautiful blog and we look fourteen to nine will be supporting you on the job that you. And Libya but radio school. All right it's time in respect.