Dela of Slightly Stoopid

Thursday, March 29th


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Greetings bailout. So closely to doing great man what about radio operating caught you have a brand new album called opening night acolytes get geared San Diego even torn with slightly stupid. You've done a lot of let's really happen. He had never really happened in. Well good working on opening night or well or you're actually. On Karl Benson a producer. Two to our work together it was slightly stupid. On lead yeah. We sort of working our troops together about four years ago and thought that the article it's a perfect band currently and that old original. No real dirty brigade by two bit. Right right and yes of retirement. Compose. Around them having him on. Utilize them down and men men can't can't really host of problems and now. They bury a ticket to greatly greatly great piece of work. Options are open to different things going on right there. You know one when I went to the so while the so what you did that bell bill. Which yulia are elect over to music box allow when you did. All agree on more rain. Your career I've heard the Marty Robbins helped Afro. In the back but look. A record here at. That a bigger bigger crippled that. You get inspiration where you are wrong and I'm meant to someone else selects you hear a little battle in the back early to beat you reference Marty. Rather than when you. Although on. Fortunately I am in how what I will say. You know big part of this whole project in the listen there are told you listen to the record and yes tired like. From front to back its. Orchestrated. You know what we're really going forwards kind of an exotic thing like from six to make it into. Reagan and write articles was where you know catching you intangible look at the same time. The morality orchestrated an instrument all the time we're utilizing different sounds and torn down so that's really what we're on foreign back kind of like counter line to the main morality Soria more release. What I was grown or would growl. Loud here. Superintendent superintendent. And now I'm Greta you have a lot of Islam are not short songs like like that yet that put together really quickly and the like in nine minutes there we have a couple six minutes long you put a lot of work into this project. Bershard. Sure there are sure yep we weren't released so concerned you know like. We weren't really so concerned about parameters of of any sort except for. Our ideas you know and in my ideas kind of we had to piece them together they'll bunch sketches. That's kind of where Carl came in item or two song sketches that I written over the years. Here's how cool man that put this with this and you write a bridge with that allow this kind of music and yeah like that'll beat W so. So that's how it came but it you know it it definitely argue that they're brick and well you know turn to their own. Sure for sure. Outcome a particular. I also stopping at a production is super great lot of variations in the song like. Straight Scott up Blake who's the Brothers who likes them. Like got the loose screw can a little different like a more like a place to pollute the elk in the regular the mellow or stop and really great great great cup compilation of thousand music you're in the record opening night. I really appreciate man out receive keel there has that's exactly what we're all we want that to authenticate our authentically represent. All this style of reggae music you know. And and in each song and record that we we return of work for that. You know trying to achieve that and the accurately what Gregory Paul because they're so well disciplined all call. All styles of traditional and modern so. And bury Clooney have you have a budget to provoke us on the on the on the song and stuff right. For sure for sure it was really. Stoked. You know some of my heroes like Andrew Warren wrote to them. And of course not only from slow stupid Carl. We need a little Brothers track. Yeah he'll marry relatives or. Yeah that's a replica of that all right. A little music sparks IP is. Empowered to do. Makes some more you're happen on partner only sure so balanced that was real cool I was really happy about that. And we're on our side absolutely the talent you're. Most gifted San Diego. Are singer Rebecca. Really crushed and so on throughout student so. We're just we're just happy I'm really happy. Have all those those town friend of mine contribute to that that made it more special ring. Super super super super awesome now I I received the record and not at the end of last year would you official release date. Our you aren't. Greg November 3 November 3. And started to ensure. Number. Up and down the coast so that was pretty cool and as you pointed out warfare where we kind of finished out here are doing a little bit here and there. On and yet we look forward to doing some more at the end you're. Okay okay okay okay. So on how this record right now home ice is you're going to be going on the road again plays to but it take India. Yeah yeah air summer to work minera. That's going to be a winter classic era the age yet they're gearing up together deathly gearing up as well to be a stick figure and pepper and yet her amazing. There aren't you know where I mean. We moderately Eric tour early peppered of Minnesota and appear on summer of course you know her birdie note that Google book right now so restore our member. It's super super fun stuff man. Oh we love the record. You know if you were to go into the record which saw what you say I know it's hard you know if he had. My children hard pick your favorite but maybe pick your top 22 songs up on the record. Well who really. Really liked. Did you Barnett I would say to Allah the news or tomorrow at one remark. One of the once it's a little closer the closer you are part because that export jazz side. Released a two. In the way that it came out even the way that it was mixed by problem and Craig Welch on. Yet. And with armed. In simple cargo and or call John Brown's body as well while that might not only her partner so hang on he really relate sort of nice and how the slightly different vision or slow lately in now. Arm and equal really. Really attract and it means that most personal is probably. This is good are just because. It took tractor. You know like really talks to change. In every one like her like we all could change it how to approach that current. Maybe mean not like what he's supposed to be at the time and it's grown on because Ukraine has. Separate joy and on loan book. I. He won't. Yeah labeling be completely on its final. That's that we ought to count on in the under the but he late Mets so. That's one of my favorite and Rebecca to scream and killed so. Are so mean to pursue vocal. Yet she could sing the phone book and that she was. I love I love. Letter and that it be if you bailout wish you lots of luck on the raw are not allowed you to record. I'll hope to see here again in San Diego real children. Maybe you could tell decision next Andy Pastor Wright. Any time Greta thank you so much repeated beat you. I'm really appreciate the support given them a certain thanks a lot man could. And I probably would WE playing. Here's the track on the on the station and now we're gonna keep supporting him. Right on man. I don't have really appreciate that much love to all linked to go to your massive and will talks and other. Right on man on and on.