Friday, July 7th

DJ Carlos Culture chats with the great and lovely Etana about her new album and upcoming show this Saturday night at 710 Beach Club!


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Lesson loving freedoms at Tonto welcome to Bob radio and yeah I'm out organist see you here in San Diego real soon so we're real excited super excited midnight showdown to Pacific beach down to 710 comes can be real iron pretty get back to that here in a little bit. We'll talk to you about really been performing. Around the world and how has that been going. I'm good how are. Every shot he hit it great. Thought we expect oh my audience grows up yet a year and he got. Should be even more exciting that it might begging. I saw you last year last summer at the Hollywood poll we Ziggy Marley. That was super amazing how to tell us about that show. I am I remember at the end of really really strict but the ballot what some. Everyone that adding value. And then the people that eat some people are rock each makes that are at people or Utley in the back. And now I'm in that we're having. They're inherited trait that whatever it. I'm at the end they op got nothing in that adopt them out I. It was eighty look great on the four case greens I was in the back as most people enjoy muscles those super awesome venue because I mean are they bringing your cooler. And blanket and it was a real family affair so. That laugh out that was Superman and Yemen Yemen really cool spot really cool spot. I mean the four K cameras inside that place looks so good no other video of places I've you juggle like concert. But the quality of the video. Solid performances at that place top notch out absolutely the best I've seen. I think everything about that they knew it not entry in eight. Is a may even that the people who work there apparently because. Everything match. Yeah it was nice it was nice it was nice so Tom if we're working on right now. The new album it's been that pulled that back into some rip at it cannot explain break at one to beat our bank. And he and I think it is currently being quite done. There's always some that note that. We need to do I think we need to do so I think I'm and it picked my eyes and and got belt and you know bring it to perfection in bend. Many out all of. Excellent actual actual exit. An awesome race forever that's how I feel reggae forever all the timing that's how we do our hero ball real. We are coming to town here that's going to be Saturday. Eighth you can be here in San Diego at 710 club can be an amazing show. How's the band playing how's the band play nice feeling. All of which it was a bad error pretty. Yup you up up yup not opt out a regular ready lung admit that what they ate there would be ready repeat her out ready to play. Per share for sure for sure we gotta we were all you guys to head over to the seventh ten beach club. Time will be there with your Jamaican band. We have linked to SA and the seven seals band opening up for useless to be really nice albeit DJ times so I'll be painful so young though. Saturday night the place to be as the time Michelle at the seven time ten club and PBR right. So any any parting words for your family your new fans building fans we've been there with you since you're known as the strong oneself in our right. Don't tell it tell us tell your new fans about what drawn with a time. You can't quite enough bomb. Or any injured due to hit the button that you may not only a problem in the act I act or album. And that it. Expect what not or cannot now can't get back at LE a king music I am the album and the hack and maybe when it chilly new one on the new album. And yeah it's gonna be exciting I can't beat. Going to be a great great tasks we immigration it's been a pleasure having you hear your voice. A timeout we're gonna hear your fully in concert Saturday night so we're looking forward to that. We wish the best with the new record are you gonna leak any singles or the other Al before we drop the whole thing. Yeah I'm gonna job that video or but I'm caught my dad and he bit it is it in unity back. A I'm out on the incredible. Man. A heart that you. I'd choose what I'm by. Surely merits it don't do what CR LL. OK and that it or the right. Over deathly looking forward to the release of the album and we're looking forward to the show. Thank you so much a ton has been a pleasure thank Yemen.