Evan of Through the Roots

Saturday, May 20th

Evan from Through the Roots talks San Diego Summer break, preparing a new full length album and what's in store TONIGHT at Fiesta Del Sol in Salana Beach!


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Blessed greetings Evan. Hi guys doing there and get it I'm doing great welcome to Bob radio. Think they are out took a PR I'm sure you're now. We play that we play allowed through the roots are fans deafening gnome slowly a lot off soon Cooper it's great to have you guys here in town. You got to play in the fiesta del sol. We put it could see today the guys play today 615 amazing thus can be yeah it yeah. We actually just we were put on a little too little although that part that was one of the last states you know obviously mobile and all I'm. Oh crap and it is that trailed Clinton took conducted in Diego and you know looking sort cure. Deathly deathly guys love sending who just had a great sellout show over to music box man that was awesome that was a good time over there. Definitely a few different judge that little bluntly but now the crowd was. I'm hire them and it took them and hopefully today it certainly. You're deathly gonna get through the same last day family fun event up in salon beats these guys go out there. Support through the roof trusses on the show with you take both display with a. We we actually have a super power as they didn't keep that from coaster week. And at that point there were seen economy has gone tomorrow Erica. It sent them the big island and in we also have. I think pop upon Protestant modernize from that it is sad but generally in the middle America should be get to chill. Awesome awesome stuff so tell us what's going on with the through the roots recording wise. So we've we've actually been been do a lot of pre production order. Kind of just just stop writing got to China to jump doctors in different fields are what that is they get out to see so bill you welcome. You know in the last few years you have. And so little so how do fresh you know you've got any relation to the debt it would make something that attitude special so that working hard. Trinity united I mean I like. We rationalize the music they put out so far I'm excited actually you know sit back to me and so little bit this summer. And our normal time I'm on the right so important to shutter all of them you know besides being crushed it into. Yeah. Awesome awesome that's most super cool wimp. Now hump what number album just going to be for you guys as an we have like 45 ranked. So will we have a budget EP easily overlooked we've done it. If I could. Did give it to people like that it's important but we have one pulling out of take you there. More on the international export talent so attracting record it was OK as well as well Obama. The Detroit short albums you know right right right this second hole there. It's good to get the music out there as fast as he can and those EPs are nice sites you know good bite sized amount of a music to get in and you know play for awhile and move on to an excellent. Elect elect a little story peas and stuff so what's going on what you guys were wise and race you can take little time off to a recording but. But what to do well what's in the works for you guys were wise. So we'll for for the summer there's someone out here and there. Let include park that was going. To eat lunch that should be exciting just about coast early test I mean both the band. Dispute that's when there are some that we are actually on the road right now finishing up. Auto. I don't pretend they're is kind of old West Coast. Markets and we we just did. The biggest no orally and they still. But it didn't. I've learned he's overtime loss like looked into lucrative music so. He couldn't do another scenario played. You can you can you can take the time have a Siegel the outlet at the moment just because. You know the person really get that to their music out there. No I think it tells some super good Evan. But the band sounds great to music sounds great on the radio broken people support you guys so if you're big to the roots and TT our heads go out there to. Fiesta del solar 6 o'clock later on today so that's going to be hiring. The one point tell us about your website your Twitter your social media isn't somebody closely and works for us. Yeah you set out there Carlos whether they inject that onto bought by pandora. Our crowd. You download music on our Nigerians. You're videos and music on YouTube. Did it www. tutor dot com. Check out FaceBook in the ground follow that the region's. Yeah I mean I. Covered a lot to cover tomorrow what's been a pleasure having you guys you know we hear about radio we wish nothing for the best first indie bands. You guys are definitely are present your putting together some great shows has some great music so not respect every time you know. Carlos that you medical issues and they earlier on today. Look forward to seeing you meant. Definitely definitely. Big up and we'll see you guys on the road respect they go out. Here.