Monday, January 15th

Hazmatt(Matt) is a local reggae group repping San Diego and Hawaii. He chats with Carlos Cutlure about their background, new music and working with Leucadia Bob on their new music video!

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Welcome to operate everybody on the ball what happened. Here in California had a tight duel. There. No problem no problem could see over Scotty Clayton birthday bash. It's. We're here to talk about that he's got a brand new album in a brand new video. Well someone who's never heard back as net where has that coming from and where the musical journey started and we're we're going. I then. How a born and raised in San Diego County here. And I played you know kind of met that are around you'd rather than what I've moved over to Doughty. I haven't picked up a little more music at the aggregate diet and our play unit of there with sir and all of that with San Diego. These big gig hard Diego now where you know they got it yet you can argue about seven years. You know the kind of breaking all the music group split rock reggae punk rock. As the right out of the side of the you know during this order where Brad. Definitely definitely have a night like show he got they have like a rock rock rocket on your on your race. It out there but it's nice up with a good party goodbye. We had you played cookie that you haven't seen around he. That's lean yemenite following is. Good that's really nice. Hook up a little bit about the new record you bring new record out. Yet we just recently the he called it by force right now and you know work of art and our current aging. They allowed studios near Hollywood and we just spent a lot of that a couple of years you know coming back or did. Are there really is. Get a better recording it in. Don't really buy it and you their vote on it out there recorded in our brave you know all that definitely get artwork on the market so murky. You got some who open where he's open or he is probably too long we all are allowed were the sublime crack. Yeah OOP was the man among the issues you know that argues for the boy did artwork for Bradley lives. Plays for double star is a long time now they're they're eager about Malkin who they are currently yard. So you in addition to that you eat yet he accompanied. With a video. How about the video we're four. Yet so are single game they thought the problem is all of that day. You know colonel Luke song about democratic go through with your significant other and try to figure that out look at Dallas automatically buy it. This video. Put together there are certain that your ball will be here the production company also how that game yeah does that mean that article Bob a lot of great does this stuff like Hitler look important video. Forget that a lot of the eleven cuts mean like that. Yet I mean it's kind of Bob you know those that the he's really helped that along with it and yeah an idea about what I wanted to do it this far is. Caribbean in my little zone that you know. Do the stronger on now that where we're proud that need it. I think it and are great you know you're out. Well we're we're excited for where you have that and look forward to they use music and watch your video. And this year right here hear about radio and are in diameter twittered. The maps that look and find it. For you. Aren't what they think a lot because that you know that you were regarded in the in the local industry is supporting it'll that music. Appreciate it. And I love love sport you guys that the they want to find you online. Record your website your social media handles yet here we got. How's that music called on online. You know how. Greg Gail and they've. Music on it that. And there were older I use water by all the digital retailers. Excellent actor Jack Black. So meditated in the single and video going to be gem here on Bob radio. At the pleasure park you think the talk and let's let our fans know all about you bet that port on it well but now that. No problem no problem. Up there you have happen is a unit of grand EE and the rest radio going to be sharing it closer on our web site. He's got check out Bob that the dot com. Just ahead of years and has met here on Bob Wright and collect a check lookup let let me in mind around around. Are all right. They have that the ethnic. Thank you Carla.