Koa of Inna Vision

Thursday, February 9th

Koa of Inna Vision, San Diego's favorite Maui based reggae band chats with DJ Carlos Culture about new album, upcoming tour and what is in store for their SD date


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You're ready. You know OK. The last eleven greetings Ko hi you do when. I'm good man I'm paying united beautiful. Then he went there of how much evening here right now. Threatened trade this is called from in a vision these guys are going to do West Coast swing a little tour you're gonna make a stop here standing eagle on February 17. They're supporting their new album lifted how's that going tell us how the album has been received around the world. All of the album's doing good Linda lifted Arnold has Dooley has been doing great. We put about last year but it did this story is actually promoting the new album called I used to create the sit tight street tour. So where we're doing a little tour and an arm which got in their album on. March 3. I'm all digital retail sites OK and around the you know that the production and everything is one of our best yet so excited to share the music game. Keep the gradual and. And OK so. Yet those same producer to from producer from lifted. Different producer you know to lift the lift it out but who worked with armed three different producers including ourselves. And this producer I worked within Florida contingent Ricky and now it is about a it popped it retreat here. Stuff so I think you wouldn't sit well art sound and kind of wearing on uncle and. Called deathly deathly I know rape case from Florida he's he has his own argue own artists. And you heat begin driving for your last tour now. Yeah yeah yeah. And so he came on the road and no we used his tour book and while we're on the road because the plan this whole project and we're making music along the quarter. And that too little too long ago that was in the fall of September October. Is something we did most of it on the road in time when the tour was done and we just kind of finished everything in a few weeks you know and. So we're stoked on it. Very good very good so is this some. Prefer Univision fans is this more of the same type the style taken up to the quality awards is a departure from we've been doing is that the same type of Bible were. You know it's it's the same it's the same message and biased as always production lightly to give up a little bit more. These are different sound in different different feel that being. But you know in relation to leave him you know it's not so does that lifted album was definitely you know more organic and knock. Add more than lives drum feel generally that stuck in this silly and that's that the good production output much all of I am kind of based in this around like these kind of similar to the tennis Stephen Marley new album the revelation album we're actually kind of demanded that hip hop and and the Reagan used a little more about samples didn't and I mixing techniques and stuff like that. Beautiful beautiful little. You know let's just say the same bad steam into the invite just you know some new sound and that's let. Leo wanted to. Do that yet that's the music we love from in division we love that good island vibration that harmonies that clean message that. They baseline in the grooving riffs and everything. So we're looking for for you here in San Diego after 710 club with a step pose an animal crews from Santa Cruz right. Yeah yeah it would it would that we added and both of them on and stoker excited. Have my picture on it but it. This step as they're they're great band they're also another they're smelly based band right. Opposes the bid big guy and you know you always they're from and where where Somalia you guys are from the right. So you can we'll have a whole line invasion with little West Coast flavor coming down to the 710 clubs. I want you all to be here the new album for your gonna have some hard copy releasing did you leading. Arm on non work third. Only only digitally. Right now you can go to Univision music dot com and you can download highest create a single. For free you just drop that we did you guys are like the first people to know as the we're doing a little video on it which comes I think they've c'mon we're about to touch screen Obama let you guys know off the bat. Go to individual meeting that coming due now that it'll only be up there. Limited time and they wouldn't take it down to the album comes. You heard it here first on Bob radio gets some free Univision music. The highest grade the tourists come to San Diego or all look forward having here and cynical one more time did a great show over Winston when he came here last time it was fantastic. Super group are looking for more good stuff coming from Univision. Emma. Yen and I mean we're excited and well we Ichiro and actually head out there so they conveniently leaving out for refugees be critical respect. I'm coming home packing up on Bali it's a beautiful data intellectually saying it did in the golf JAF classical. So you you are not scared of the road your band hits the road dirty hard and you guys have come. Season after season album after album you are not afraid to be the road warrior and take your music all over the country. Congratulations to you know hold and I know it's not easy being on the road. And it's hard to get to all those things make on the miles they go to meals. Satisfy all your commitments in radio interviews and media and all that stuff. And still do the show and still have a good vibe and just keep the moon itself congratulations to you I know it's a lot of hard work. I think he meant we love it or not. Fantastic we heard here first. Hi is great to a come to San Diego ferry seventeenth you can get yourself a pre release download of the highest greed that title cut an album. At their website so ticket out innovation. Come to San Diego we wanna see you out there. Yes and if these children think that. We'll definitely keep pump open more in division reggae lives you know 24/7 right here on my radio 949 HD two. A low hop cola and we'll see you in the man here in San Diego respect. I write this book for sure.