Kyle of Slightly Stoopid

Thursday, August 3rd

Kyle of Slightly Stoopid had a chat with Carlos Culture, covering their upcoming Reggae on the River headlining apearance plus coming back to San Diego and the new music on the way!

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Greetings massive Carlos culture here had a chance to catch up with Cafu slightly stupid leading up to rating on the river this weekend here is man check it out. Great ends we'll talk and copper slightly stupid Kyle I don't my brother. Are getting your neighbor it's always good to hear from you man you guys do so much great work taken. The reggae message and spreader around the entire country all over every nook and cranny. You know I know you guys do more than just reggae but you guys do a lot for reggae music man discussing big up and respect for all the work you guys done over the years and our thanks so that we just. Yemeni guy there to complete. After it and finally get early on the best party band out there you guys are so fun. Your fans are so while your stupid heads fans are so dedicated tells what you love most about you stupid had fans. Energy and what the state sometimes you go to when you go to sleep you know you have dreamed. I don't know what I'll wake up. We go to showed up like as. Is that if it's the back strain you know. And you can't you can't get revenue go to their side. Use seat and I yeah that acts go out of the shadows and there are. The people that controversial as the greener energy alerts to put it this there's pedestrians so we appreciate. You know the particularly though the dropped goes. At the Salem area to have a Simon and Eric do that. I know man you guys they're definitely I know which means sometimes you know. You're on the road it's another shall another day another crazy party like while we're in my gonna get Dan gay and you see the people. And you feel there viva they're like. They want the same vibe they put the same energy they wanna keep the party go on and they definitely your fans are so grave in the skewed the party going that's for sure man. Here we've been we've been rationed like on the road since we got our schools so. A lot of the band a lot of people are corrupt our chosen even you know since we you know I have to get it on the road and you have do you use she kind of understand it is center and then they'll they'll bring their their their family and friends and it's just become apparently a lot of a lot of people that you see. Over the used to see him every tablet go out and see it means you know use. Become family you know that the band be allowed to do you know you can't just out of broker Kremer. What has looked at a bands who are not become family it's like religious backstage just now. No shoot hoops and playing video games and and what about the other band backstage. Right now is because we know the outcome traveling you know PGA book crew. I regime and yeah who thereto were out on the our record our source. Bull amazing musicians a lot of power and just so smooth and. It's a great packages toward you got guys you guys got caught in the summer is an amazing too I just love I love I love the Biden had we are gonna get to see you here at the Del Mar racetrack August 26 that's going to be an amazing show us can be so fun man. Yeah yeah we got where it's stupid and need our our Brent stand Extenders who are amazing so buy a ticket to the racetracks and insecure that concert. Our current travel seats they just at the first chill the year there the cinema to blacks. Well look forward to that I. I talked to Danny about he says there's 151000 people out there have a good time rock and to try with Steve music. It seeming to be more of an analyst for you guys because you know. You guys of that original oh geez right here you guys do so much great great great work. Were also goes through that rig on the river you can be headlining Saturday night. We're looking forward to a great show some great collaboration lady can tell us about the performance without giving away any surprises. I looked just. It's it's just sunk you and then you're out on the other hand out. I. Apparently are there people just jump in in the record come on come in from outflow from the river object it banned it. It's a made amazing vibe you're absolutely right now we have went last year first time in like. Sixteen years and I just love viva they're so much is just camping hanging out by the river. It's kind of lazy day all day in the nighttime the music comes this is that this is a great great Bible there. European that area that it that it definitely stoning bearish double. How. That's for sure and that's what we love. Stupid heads love that all of us for he had. Love our California culture it and are so let's get into the music all right we know that you love to do combinations he had won that when the great combination and that we hadn't played all over the place was the one with stick figure smoking look super great stuff in the end come around filming so many grace of he had the one with Don Carlos. Super great stuff man and he coming up on your new records. I would try to reach out to look. A lot of our friends you know well aren't you know that in the to a vote here we have a big musical family to work not just the reggae you know several from right. Just I don't know we get. The to follow car blues spray gate there's a bunch of her friends we have that put out at what kind of music and they're baiting musicians silly China operate either tech but apparently proper. A lot of them we jam with the rapidly just a general Blount the records just able BG ever been Janet we used to will be general with a lot of them so. Some awesome awesome awesome. Is just great to have you been here from San Diego represented San Diego in the whole West Coast culture so well. And so much he keep it authentic with these Jamaican artists make and features and stuff and and with a hip pop world and NASCAR world than the jam bands all the good stuff many guys. You know we just love you so much. Here we are we have been mule Wheeler from from the best that we have you Carlos. But it works for years and all of that down so. Yeah man I I you know what I kinda got this break on barb Rita from the show that we did over at the Anaheim house of blues right. So as it turns out they had this the post that you guys did for that show hanging in their office and put my name was on the bottom of it enough. They settled it was this guy was Bryce did some work for silverback right here as an intern over there they'll will find this guy in the found out that. I lived in the complex. For his cousin lived right and they heard I lived in the complex and they found I was there. They found out I was doing my reggae night over Winston's so we tracked me down. From the post third asking for wanna get interested in doing some Bob rated stuff and I said yes and that has turned into FM 949. And we're doing. You're anybody's guess of this and jeers says you know they're definitely they're lucky because. You know you look at them and custom glasses out of our. And slow work with you guys. Most of you guys were soon the soon sometime you know with some benefit over the TH C new. I only got like to do benefit to do stuff for the schools because love you guys definitely pay for you know and we just love your energy and you vibe you know. I appreciate that they we just sat you know when you can. Do what you love to do it now by the pew murders and a bit depressing so yeah. Yeah man so. Let's let's talk about your next music are you gonna release a single you're released a whole album. I really just we we have a record that we've been working on that you yourself on that. It will release it at the beginning you know beginning of the year. No more excited just doesn't. Which has about the current music and you have the world go in the court we have our own studio important there record the patent court on the road so. She sits silent they're the best there that the congress and there's tavern at the time it shows in the music you know except. You definitely shell your your definitely passion back in music you definitely have fun doing your music and we're excited to see you here. August point six and to Del Mar racetrack and this coming weekend. Reggae on the river headlining Saturday night who knows what kind of fun you can have and you're still finishing up your tour cracked. If you were he week's heat that at twelve weeks so we have a bow arm. Or more weeks ago amazing amazing then factored back to the grants because but he hung in the air Peyton list except it is. Yeah the unpacking is not as fun as as attacking and being on the road definitely really well it's been a pleasure having you here on Bob radio. Always an honor always a privilege we love you guys are always going to be an appointment guys if you don't it we're. Yeah I mean we look forward to seeing you again real soon all right. It would look like your demand respect.