Wednesday, December 28th

DJ Carlos chats with Protoje about his upcoming show at the Music Box, producion on the new album and collaborations with Chronixx, Albarosie and Major Lazer


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Little bless agreeing to go to. I'm then you're in my car and everything over there. Everything is beautiful earnings nice. And joined now urging patience of holiday season but we're getting ready for big showdown that the music box in San Diego you've come back to San Diego. January 12 can be great card. Our first our first shall the old course so I'm look at followed the first sort borrowers bird urged let you know he get him back. In the groove of being fortunately it could be there in San Diego. Where first pick in Paris. I think it music Internet directed toward third that like to be out there. I remember it was tribute to legends a few years back I remember meeting you at the hotel and the first time you played in all that good stuff met some your band members parents never heard it. He judged you came all denying came along with you that I was very very very cool. Our former you know well as outside on the show this music box has been that you can play is an amazing canyon state of the art sound system. Koehler backdrop so bring your graphics and yearn to graphics. And you know that you say to two sides to the producing of the music gather the music audio perfect also have some good. Our our part to sometimes he get an artist discovered where you can get DJ or musician discovered through the both mediums ranked. Yeah it's everything it's everything I do I tried to incorporate that our former expression of the art experts there identify yet be singular sovereign stitched. And I cannot. Some big utopian about grown back has in this neck gets the more doubt that our market signal more steely. And we do as much as he can do to. Give this spurt in their experience it's really can't hit that they're not just one of defense is both more and I want. Absolutely I feel the same way I feel the same way. So you're also big into collaboration. I love collaboration you know I I play your music all the time in the clubs and all over the place is festivals all. Different kinds of venues and you know places you always have a nice combination when your base come nations who knows was chronic with. That was good we rent staff for a long time everybody here on the West Coast played for a long time. And go and have been playing lately is strolling with Albert roast him they Alvarez who can loan that tomb soft party get to where authorities are stating reach out to you deceive. I wanna work with Humber OC 1200. We're with chronic one time when decently Jesse wanna do so what can money. It's different but I art is that that are part of my generation or other like. We're currently served as C Eric about gravel or whoever dies it's it's sure it's a bird not chart you know what I mean is very. That we spent part of our you know ever played and beaten somebody or you ought. It's what's more simpler it does it better and who would like what I need a couple of cups are that they are caught it would eat meat on it stopped because need. Bob I want to currently flora will nose landing him. Our world be we've been talking probably something folk ever since he went to South America on door yeah. He does got to be defended in the scenario though what you're doing it as. You know that put an idea ordered this in the book out again bit children in global. Wicked wicked tuna I fired my dances I've banking and you can't get my several with a couple of those big tune so that's great news and so I lost my senior comes through from the very very beginning role would mean. And start working with Don Corleone mean I saw you come up front come fresh understood that you took music from left. Foundation grown patient perspective you went into that. University to study music production. He just weren't when these are songs singer or rapper DJ. Give me rhythm I can do is I can do that you went one level further and you really took time to appreciate art form from the hole. Working you know us in and you know what I mean. Yet but it means follow me. This sort of like. Site I don't want to be a complete art piece of nonsense and I. I love writes it and you know an article I read it don't produce it I love working with our arts though. I don't bring in the big sort of an art is so I know working with young markets are so aren't. I need to know what I'm doing you know apparently and so are you production and hit that part of my creativity over 'cause it's not just that both. Scenes songs you've heard me sometimes that want their right music father equatorial. Like treated badly so it's just it's hard to cheat they called it a mosque there. And I mustard might crop from now on order of finish nobody can say you know what it's got to put a lot of time that they are committed copilot and it will show. Definitely definitely pro you you've been. Taken the Reagan world by storm you've been doing so good and the production just keeps on going up like you said the prediction you becoming. More depth that you productions I disagree we're just going to royalty free like that was awesome and the sounds amazing yeah. Do I think mile on the rod spirits are up the first while. Are you ever order closet that's I'm done with Ian. Only the executive produced but into the future. Would that games. Is me and him both our executive produced right cause it's printed on my own because. I wanted to try something different. And had a drug entry in a boat two weeks from now departed in Jamaica but in between Korean men or working with the land at Wheaton dot. I'd need to future probably sold more double do you think they're almost double production arm. Great but I have full pretty good mentor but not. Oatmeal into our back in future no work and earn more music currents. I don't think you what should interpret youth center I am so I did you read that word to get there and I let you do not block of hopefully you know. Does it mean both you guys are doing great great stuff really the production on the royalty free is really really hard back there like a lot. Its very core group forward Yemen and in some of the things you do collaborations. With the solar cars which also bar a lot from the found ancient artists for example of that. Clinical Mozy can soon be wise and can be lies in the last week pastel princess style and stylish violent. Oh you'll wonder Wanda and yeah last week cast fellows together yeah I'm here. Joked yeah. I don't girl though they're not music. And that they needed that in fact I think. I'm redoubled bridging that gap you know I mean there are lots of people are mines farms. They don't at all or any Kabul that they don't know what you want they're direct. So we do subsite to bring the full much awareness so that pop and against you look it's called it. I mean like they are they are major department Tibet beit lid that. On every now and then you know what kind of need to question that's arms shall Myers picked that people are. In other foundation that's like real reggae music. And yet but certainly I think couple as they look like that's my biggest influence in the army lacked. I hear I'm hearing pillaging your music I definitely hear any clues in your music what you are coming to San Diego. You've been all over the West Coast he did coach tell last year tells local telecast luckily tell is that experience for him. There was a period to bring her reggae music even more all purpose meet us. It was great to bring her immune because there on that while former stating that you know about type of music is in the highlighted that. Gather that the main stream everything and they never had any. Hardcore roots Ernie modern roots are cultural group music cultural reggae music at professional and when they put you encourage some of the I was excited myself so. Nobody on through university and we have availability I start to be there ever present father called sir. For sure for sure for sure. Well we're very excited about having you back continue to go one more time it's going to be a more intimate setting that you've had at the at the bigger festivals. And we're really gonna enjoy you here in town you know and now we're looking forward to having you live and direct with indignation band and all that good stuff. Then there's going to be periods you're really looking forward to additional. Callaway to get Bachmann tour. By that age you guys are gonna privately that Eric Burke and figure. Floating around and not let my new former brother premieres there. It's it's it's exploded into epic are now what are purple didn't send it owed anybody outside of Jerry cook are. I want to wait for next here well before the actual we sort of sent you that song okay habit of actually you can hear it relies so. It's going to be built the paid upfront for the first part of it it. Yes that's going to be nice to Jewish and not where it's the music it keeps on coming out in super hype obviously just keep on doing what you're doing that we love divide our loved the energy enough. The whole thing as clean and militant in. Respectful and you know pay respect to elders in the whole thing probably got to go and I'm real career. Grew angry at good thought in order for sure for sure beat up your mother Lorna Bennett of another musical influence on your life. Yeah every farmer well there's verbal resign he realized I love her so much. I get into a dignitary in the country. But sticking firm nobility let that go home and spend time with family and and the grateful that I have support from my father different. I'll definitely definitely the best thing to happen again we look forward have been here in San Diego January 12 at the music box. You can win tickets for your guys salute to an end and all that good stuff. Total pleasure are gonna work to earn respect to the foolishly and Eric sir you know roster for a war that was.