skanky interview.mp3

Wednesday, April 4th


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Operator articulate. How I. It. It that's. Your old. Project. Partner. Oh opera. Oh. While well. Out here. I got. Out well. Right. A well. Thought out. Are. There. On a stop. At. We are. Are out there. Well. There. Record. It. There are double. Number called. A lot. A Earl. I'll. Well. Well well now well. Or off or. It. Out. At Kurt Eckert art. Are. There. It. Or. We. Are out our. Oh. Record. You. And we're 00. Yeah. Or were going to be right back at her. We. Are. All. About it. At the pleasure truck. Contract. Worker. Project. Up up. Ground. Her. Brought. Or asked. We. I. Act or. Or. Our car our back.