Tuesday, February 7th

Two legendary DJ's in Carlos Culture talk changes in the scene and what it's like(Yard Core) touring with Protoje and being a part of the live show!


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Lesson lovely doing our core are loyal to their until an Irish feeling good didn't excited for the Porter. CNB eagle on the twelfth. You guys again really come out here. Very very severely even right now right. Your airport. The last archenemy act we Shalit that it airport but gotten some create the issue can happen that the floor and other via airport. So bill BS that you must light the tomorrow. Okay we apply any kind of make it here and seeing my Asia Europe yes Westbrook yet so you are not your tour here and we DC have on your tour. Well on this release by that I stored that is sponsored by the ECT. I went out of the actual decked out beautiful name approach to OJ okay. And then know are some sort of shows on their side there's yeah. Excellent excellent excellent. And they're like last year you did a little I'm residency at the dub club right here knowing. Would end up being adaptable you I'll try it though. You can follow the book blackbeard or uprooted yet you are now. He had a idea we're gonna we're gonna have to bring you back here to San Diego some type. I'm going to beat oral salute. When you guys are here in San Diego all our next time around will be together and move will you guys indeed can play at club Kingston over my little spot forest grill for sure for sure now what project that you worked on you did a mix tape for his son Romeo. Right or what yeah but counseled about the son Romeo and restart Britain there. I'll live barrel that I yelled is this sunup the dot dot marcher O'Neal all I think don't put her because she's eluded them in music so are the young IDs they've gone. They're now Monday looked at me are. Democrat that won an excuse that it says that he's the give the young active Theriot a perplexed changed in arsenal. Right there you see a dime you know that what it is very high so. I decided till you mixed April get her music are part of deal a done deal. Right right let's mercy mixed tape with a colleague in marriage you please UG is cause so. I attacked the check up her arm up one or song right right right well. There are a little bit that's out there that the chaplain and actually what she does not released their debut boom. We just Ghana we called I saw it they can check that Philip Dunne I humans aren't any idea. We're gonna whip whip distribute Sharia. Digital westerners. It cannot deathly deathly definitely playing kings of Zion look cute to see us he she did on national my fear Yemen Yemen. So your work. You were officially put the jays DJ how long you've been doing that spot allowing even. The official DJ for production. Where I've been out this shut mediators in 2010. An anomaly. Don't know Copeland mixed gates got so actually. Amid the carnage on first may seem a bit in into its own instead I doesn't want to and I don't create. In our little. Not that though bit back carnage on the link just grew stronger. And then I'm needed to use earth makes it. In our preview in. There church bomber blew it because that Sydney air each. Cylinder that's summed up by that done. To what I mean they've stood there would ABBA album that came all the time Mullen general auditing and jelly or do you actually do you don't matter there had been some chart show the earned you know are you know adjustment origins from the LA and fuel up within drag weird the book. I know you know it. The buck under way to get is going to be upgraded energized. Yes definitely share any pleasure enjoyed me as a DJ. I loved I loved touring and I love playing different audiences and going to different towns obviously everybody likes to travel but being. Involved as an official DJ with. You know a prominent artist that's that's that's that's that's a big time so that's that's you know congratulations on that and even. But it's nice to get the recognition and go around the whole world without official title and do your shingle proper you know. You sure. Larry yeah a bit in your dad definitely definitely definitely sure we'll work. Another standing Massa is looking forward to your selections were looking forward to regional. You know they ever went in tune into Bob ST dot com to check out all the interviews and chances to win tickets to. Yeah it go a little bit of doubt in ticket giveaway it's. So you guys can't stay tune to my in stagger around you know apple big he actually underwear you know slots are concerned this tour is if you're not aware of what Easley is. Can Islamabad that airwaves sank. Actually that are normal and intra Asia and restores Lamar lineup. Yes definitely definitely. Leave me and eat it and LY dot com source means it's where the designer Wear their immunity get there. The necessary in on the Asia and India oh pitch in need probable more airlines aren't so. Absolutely absolutely we know as roster people that they guns is the healing of the nation the whole world Sarah planet with marijuana and they've been fighting for a long time with them thrust command has the first one to tell it. The whole world and guns is healing a nation and we national say so right. We bet. Now who's gone to look more legalized it's oh what do you know blew it there and get back the united Jeremi Gonzalez so. Oh million ordinary detonate a or bought police are you. During a one time I've been going to Jamaica firm since like 1989. In there I had been pulled over by the police and harassed and all that stuff. Well I'm looking forward to go on this time with absolutely no problems from the bow rely on them Eritrean mine and the idea. Three two we want. We are recorded and pleasure talking to you know we wish you well your tour. More content access cut your mix tapes in your show and everything in just more level prosperity Finn. Yes guys that intensity into oh Soviet none at all. Our lives send it might you know Luke and causing OJ Della Coolidge I them more so by that they'll vibration and. Seen seen seen. I'm gonna pick your brain one more time before you go tell us island new artist that's coming up that the mass of mean little guys. Old guys there so many. I've been I would act great they're OK I write yeah might they got me in lag the most sad bitch knew it. That I've resent brick new active said that they let Guatemala C Everett in symbolize that these days still. Yeah I knew you would dial into the yeah out is one I've been here at sunup but did you Tyler okay insured. Did it does your god we hit it out these virulent ideology the outlook Braga are. Diner a legal right he's he's only. Sixteen years to alert you via house and you come. Our I did you shop while EA. Angie I am outside working nutrients so you can check or are huge until you don't go our way the I you just can't see it yeah I would bid that would be an actual nearly got Carter get it of course fictional and you can get that an actual artists gone good actually me. He ordered it be okay do we get them out of the sticky and actually abruptly Kenny included Kanye an eerie additional. Okay well I don't admit I love chicken out new artist yet let me get down smiley is done. So well think again MMI no no problems it done to have been. Yeah men who site jumpsuits in. Our bread very stickers it it is not a Yemen rusty fine. Or earlier.